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29/04/2016 a) Publication of Final Electoral Roll - Press Release
b) DEO office Control Room inspected by General Observer - Press Release
c) Abstract of Nominations Received
d) Nominations Received on 29/04/2016
28/04/2016 a) Arrival of Election Observers - Press Release
b) Counting Halls Inspection by District Collector - Press Release
c) Nominations Received on 28/04/2016
d) All TASMAC and IMFL Shops will be closed on May Day - Press Release
27/04/2016 Nominations Received on 27/04/2016
26/04/2016 Nominations Received on 26/04/2016
25/04/2016 Nominations Received on 25/04/2016
23/04/2016 a) First Election Training Class on 24/04/2016 - Press Release
22/04/2016 a) Nominatoins received on 22/04/2016 - Press Release
b) Inspection of Expenditure Observers - Press Release
21/04/2016 a) Locations for filing Nomination for TN Assembly Election 2016
b) Prepardness for 100 % polling - Press Release
20/04/2016 Critical and Sensitive Polling Stations inspection by District Collector
16/04/2016 a) Utiramerur Assembly Constituency Polling Station inspection by District Collector
b) AADHAR Special Camp at all Treasuries for Govt. Employees and Pensioners from 18/4/2016
14/04/2016 Instructions to Public to tackle the Hot Summer days
01/04/2016 a) SVEEP Awareness
b) Election Complaints - Toll Free Numbers
b) Election MCMC Meeting
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